Loadbank Hire

At  Powerhire we understand the significance of Loadbank testing. It is critical in the maintenance of permanent generators and UPS’ to ensure their optimum performance when called into action.

Powerhire own an extensive fleet of modern LV and HV load banks which can be set up as individual or multiples of units ranging from 20kW resistive to 2.5MVA Resistive/Inductive depending on load required

All our load banks have the facility of being controlled from a hand held device or via a PC utilising software that our operator can pre-program for a complete test schedule incorporating load changes and durations and automatically record the electrical operating parameters and transients of the test.

We have the capability to undertake any load bank project from delivery of a single unit to a full turnkey project to deliver, install, commission, and operate single or multiple load banks testing LV to HV supply.